The IHC Collection

The IHC collection aims to feature the origins, growth and contributions of the Indian community in Singapore from the 19th century to the present. It seeks to situate the historical and cultural interactions between Southeast Asia and South Asia, and to highlight Singapore’s links with the global Indian diaspora and the Indian subcontinent. The collection ranges from the classical—establishing the long history of Indian presence in the region—to the modern, voicing experiences of settlement and war to create a dialogue between the past and present. It includes objects representative of the cultural heritage of the Indian and South Asian communities, and the IHC has commissioned contemporary artworks by Indian artists from Singapore and the region. Other additions include archival photographs and documents which are important allegorical symbols of events and experiences pertinent to the Singapore Indian story.


Collection Highlights 


Decorative Paandan (Betel-leaf box) 
by Oomersi Mawji
Bhuj, Gujarat, India, late 19th century
Silver, height 1 4.8, diameter 16.5cm 
Collection of Indian Heritage Centre 


Portrait of Gnanapragasam Pillai 
Singapore, early 20th century
Gift of the family of Gnanapragasam Pillai,
Collection of Indian Heritage Centre



Talapa Chetti Melaka (Headgear) 
Melaka, Malaysia, late 20th century
Cotton, 7.6 × 24.1cm
Gift of Mr G Tega Rajah 
Collection of the Indian Heritage Centre 



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